Meet Michael

I am an overcomer of obstacles, a husband and father, a businessman, and a lawyer.

New Mexico was not my first home, but the Land of Enchantment is where I chose to get married, raise my kids, and start my business. I love this state and together with my wife Jodi, we are raising our children, Bella, Tristen, Lilly, and Addyson, here in New Mexico.

This state is aptly called the Land of Enchantment because I have been enchanted by New Mexico and I am proud to call this my HOME. Home… what is a home? A home is where your heart and treasurers are placed. A home is where you are safe and secure from the battering of the world around you. A home is the one place you can look to and say, “I am accepted.”

I have been studying my HOME for many years and have realized that many who call New Mexico home do not feel safe and secure. Many do not feel like they are accepted. Many leave this home of ours because their treasures are taken with over-taxation, wasted with fraud, and their heart is broken with abuse. Many in this home flee because it does not foster the kind of security that will allow growth for themselves, their children, their careers, or their businesses.

I believe that New Mexico can be the greatest state in the Union. It can be a safe and secure home that can foster flourishing citizens, families, careers, and businesses; however, in order for our home to reach its full potential, we must change our mindset and our leadership. We must stand up as members of this family and part of this home and say “Enough.” We must throw off the chains that beset us and we must tell those who wield the power that they are answerable to us.

As a young man growing up on the mission field, my family had very little; however, my parents worked hard, were wise with the treasures they had been given, and, with help from only God, they were able to make sure food was on the table and clothes were on our backs. Today, because of my parents’ example, by God’s grace, I have been able to obtain my Juris Doctorate, my Master’s in Business Administration, and an Undergraduate degree.

As a lawyer, I fight for those who do not feel like they have access to justice. As a businessman, I work hard to make sure that I treat my client’s fairly while providing abundantly for my family. As a father, I work hard to make sure my children understand that Individual Responsibility is not only our founding doctrine in this country, but is a consistent theme throughout the Bible. As a husband, my greatest and most precious honor, I pray hard to make sure that I am leading my wife and family through a world that is shadowed by greed, hate, lust, and malice.

As your representative, I will work hard to make OUR HOME a safe and secure place where we all feel accepted. I will work to move government out of your way to success and fight to insure that your treasures stay Yours and that you decide what happens with your time, treasures and talents. I will fight for every New Mexican.

Michael E. Hendricks

Your State, Your Choice

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  • Decrease Crime
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