I am:

  • Pro Life
  • Pro Religious Freedom
  • Pro Second Amendment
  • Pro School Choice

If elected, my top three priorities will be:

  1. To grow the economy and improve conditions for small businesses in House District 20 and throughout New Mexico.

Specifically, we can do this swiftly and effectively by cutting taxes, and especially by finally doing away with the Gross Receipts Tax.

  1. To support the responsible use and acquisition of fossil fuels, while exploring future potential alternative forms of energy through research and development.

I support our oil and gas industry, which fuels the New Mexico economy, and would work to overturn the New Mexico Green New Deal which was signed into law in 2019. This job-killing bill will devastate our economy for decades to come. I believe that sustainable energy independence is the single best thing we can do to improve America’s national security.

  1. To address the massive crime wave in our cities.

I believe that the best way to do this is by supporting our law enforcement and giving them the tools they need to keep our citizens safe. Another key factor is the need to address failed “Bail Reform” policies in our state, which have led to the pre-trial release of extremely violent offenders. We must make sure we hold criminal actors accountable for their actions. As an attorney, I have worked with both victims and offenders in the criminal justice system, and something I believe in very strongly is creating better rehabilitative systems for drug addicts, and more effective jobs programs for people coming out of prison and returning to the workforce. These programs, while never perfect, can be the difference between an individual turning their life around or returning to their previous criminal activities.